November 2018 – Visit to Low Ham Roman Villa Excavation, Somerset

David Croot guides us through the Low Ham Villa excavation open day…

A small number of DAG members joined a surprisingly large group of very intrepid visitors to the Low Ham site in Somerset on 27th November. The weather could not have been worse! After months of good weather the wind blew and the rain poured down throughout the afternoon! Despite this, the Low Ham History Hut was so packed with visitors that the group had to be split into two: half went down to see the three new trenches and the rest stayed in the warm and dry to listen to an illustrated talk on the history of excavations at the site by Roger Leech. The two halves swopped over after 45 minutes and those of us who had enjoyed the warmth and talk ventured out into the torrential rain! Despite the weather we enjoyed a tour of the three new “trenches” (more like open areas!) led by David Roberts of Historic England. Unfortunately for David the skies opened at the final trench and we had to call a halt to the tour. All in all, a fascinating insight to a large scale excavation. Many thanks to David and the crew at Low Ham for arranging this and seeing it through despite the weather!

Blog post by David Croot. Images by David Roberts.

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