DAG session with Warminster Brownies

David Croot, Lorraine and Lou responded to an invitation from Brown Owl to help 15 of her 7th Warminster Brownies pack to achieve their Archaeology Badge. The Archaeology Badge is a new badge for the Brownies and this pack will be the first in the area to work towards it. The trio were met by 15 very excited but well behaved Brownies, all aged between 7 and 10 at their community-centre home. We were welcomed with a special Brownie Hello and following this, David started the evening by giving a fun PowerPoint presentation which was geared towards the age group on how to achieve their badges.

archaeology badge
The presentation given by David to help the Brownies gain their archaeology badge.

The presentation was followed with a session “digging” for buried finds (including coins, jewellery (borrowed from Lorraine), bones and pottery) in sand trays, identifying the items and giving them some kind of interpretation. There was a lot of discussion about the items that they had found (especially the shiny coins and jewelry)!

Lou had also brought along some of the pots her dad had found whilst in the fields working with the tractor.  The afternoon was very well received by the pack who were really engaged and were full of questions about archaeology. We thoroughly enjoyed the session too and hopefully other groups will ask for a similar event. Many of the brownies will be visiting the Kingston Deverill dig in June as part of their archaeology badge activities and we look forward to seeing them!

pots and brushes
Artefacts for the Brownies to examine, including  pottery and bottles.

Blog and photos by David, Lorraine and Lou.


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