Upcoming events

10th August 2019 – DAG stall at Longbridge Deverill Flower Show.

14th August 2019 – Site tour of excavations at Teffont Evias (1115-1230), and tutorial on faunal remains (PM).

16th August 2019 – Presentation of project results by Dr. David Roberts. 7pm. Upper Deverills Village Hall.

Date TBC: Visit to Mike Allen’s environmental archaeology lab.


Previous events

16th January 2019 –  Talk by Professor Simon Esmonde Cleary (Emeritus Professor of Roman Archaeology at the University of Birmingham): ‘Southern Britain in the Roman and post-Roman periods’. Upper Deverills Village Hall 7pm

28th January-1st February 2019 – Geophysical Survey in Kingston Deverill.

5th February 2019 – Talk by Dr David Roberts. Upper Deverills Village Hall.

6th March 2019 – Talk by Dr Mike Allen. Upper Deverills Village Hall.

25th-31st March 2019 – Geophysical Survey in Kingston Deverill.

6th-11th June 2019 (inclusive) – Excavations in Kingston Deverill.

1st July 2019 – Finds labelling session followed by the AGM at Upper Deverills Village Hall.