Upcoming events

25th-31st March 2019 – Geophysical Survey in Kingston Deverill. Ever wondered what’s beneath your feet as you walk around Kingston Deverill? Last year our geophysical survey work provided clear evidence of ancient ditches, circles and rectangular structures, which we will excavate later on in 2019. In the meantime you can discover even more about what lies buried beneath other parts of Kingston by getting involved with our Geophysical surveying (for complete beginners!) during the week beginning 25th March. To register your interest please get in touch with us at

6th-11th June 2019 (inclusive) – Excavations in Kingston Deverill

Date TBC: Visit to Mike Allen’s environmental archaeology lab


Previous events

16th January 2019 –  Talk by Professor Simon Esmonde Cleary (Emeritus Professor of Roman Archaeology at the University of Birmingham): ‘Southern Britain in the Roman and post-Roman periods’. Upper Deverills Village Hall 7pm

28th January-1st February 2019 – Geophysical Survey in Kingston Deverill.

5th February 2019 – Talk by Dr David Roberts. Upper Deverills Village Hall.

6th March 2019 – Talk by Dr Mike Allen. Upper Deverills Village Hall.